Presenting ATIA

The Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters in Aquitaine serves to:

promote and defend translation-related professions: translation, interpreting, proof-reading, terminology, etc.

enhance the relationship between customers and service providers.

ATIA sets out to provide information for its members and their customers, organize promotion and training sessions, encourage debate and generally take action in its members' interest.


What is a professional translator and/or interpreter?

A freelance professional translator and/or interpreter is an outside partner who:

has a perfect mastery of his own language and the language to be translated,

abides by the professional ethics that guarantee you a top quality service to strict deadlines in complete confidentiality,

has gained the necessary experience where it counts,

deals with you direct on a one-to-one basis,

is fully conversant with ICT and office software,

is legally registered and pays the appropriate contributions (proof in France: SIRET, URSSAF and VAT registration numbers).